viernes, mayo 21, 2004

"La Boda"

This way is like Ireland and the rest of the world call the Spanish royal wedding.

Well, I'm so surprised for the following commentary of the Spanish press "since the Madrid attempts, the whole nobility is very sensitized with the Spanish monarchy, and for this motive, it is one of the weddings with more assistance of personalities of the whole world". Unbelievable! But what have to see the attempts and the people who died, with the nobility. In any case, this such a nobility would have to go to the hospitals and houses of the people who yes suffered the attempt, but I continue without understanding the connection in spite of "meeting at the Royal Wedding".

And the second commentary: "Queen Ann of England won't go in spite of being intimately joined to the Spanish monarchy, since she is second cousin of the king Juan Carlos, and third cousin of the queen Sofia...". No more comments, don't ?