domingo, mayo 30, 2004

The British spend the double in Internet

The British increased last year the amount of money spent in Internet to more of the double. This information was provided by Visa, all-powerful God who controls our bank transactions (but are they confidential, not?), and who revealed in a study that the users of these cards have increased over 120 % their purchases through Internet.

And where do the British buy? In the nourishment and drink industry, who trebled his sales with online supermarkets. The suppliers didn't say this, but Visa (are not confidential our purchases?).

More beneficiaries of Internet transactions have been the books, the music and the trips.

Well, what is going to be of the popular opinion? We all know that, what more money moves in Internet is the sex. Probably when the British buy porn videos, vibrators, dildos... they pay against refund..., or probably they don't like sex.