martes, junio 15, 2004

I'm sorry for eBay

A teenager from California has been prosecuted with 33 months in prison and has to pay 16.660 €. His crime: to sell unexistent objects by means of the most sure site: eBay (of course this affirmation comes from the own eBay). Everybody knew that eBay was a "little bit" suspicious, and this news has been published for the huge amount of money, but I'm sure that there are so much little swindles, so I'm sorry for the venerated great one eBay (customers: be careful!!).

Of course our guest not was an angel. Here is his brief report:
16.660 from eBay, 19 years old
830.000 from cheated investors, 17 years old
74.970 from the actions' manipulation of advertising companies
921.630 euros have been his income with only 19 years old.

I'm also sure that he will be able to pay the fine.