miércoles, junio 16, 2004

Welcome to the MB festival

I need help! What company to choose with a lot of Mb running through the net? It seems unbelievable…, six months ago, Yahoo and Hotmail wanted to close the free mail service offered until the date. Three months ago, I wrote an article about the cost of emails and the virtual post office which wanted to build Bill Gates.

Nevertheless, Google began the battle with Gmail = 1 Gb for your email account.

Today I sign my Yahoo mail and I see a present: 100 Mb. Yahoo offered 6 Mb before, and as I needed more space, I signed 10 accounts connected among them and redirected each one by the POP service. Now I have 10 x 100 Mb = 1000 Mb, almost 1 Gb, but sincerely, I don't know what to do with so much space...

Ok, let's to continue. Aventure Mail, Irish company, offers 2 Gb for your email account... My God!! Can you imagine this? 2 Gb for your personnel email?

And finally Spymac offers 1 Gb as well, 100 Mb for building your own web site, and 250 Mb more for your pictures. Really, it's true because I've opened and account and I've tested it. Now I'm very concerned because I don't know what to do with such big net space.

Oh yes, I forgot my spark... Private companies have to begin to think if they will continue hiring hosting...