viernes, junio 18, 2004

Is your laptop on holidays?

Of course you can carry your laptop to check your email..., but this is an excuse which shows that you're old.

To check your email you can use an Internet coffee and save yourself from carry the laptop around.

However, the statistics say that people go on holidays with little funny engines, called laptops. This devices storing movies, music, literature, games...

Here you can see the "greatest hits":
- MapPoint: to find maps, street directories, detailed city maps, road maps, ... of all the cities in the world.
- Michelin Guide: the same, but adds the traffic situation besides the weather forecast.
- ESA Meteosat Second Generation: has also the weather forecast in the last 6 hours.
- gets a complete meteorological information with satellite pictures.
- Authorama is a great site to find eBooks.

Movies, music and games..., everybody knows where to get them.